Period Blog 1

Cloth has always inspired me in different ways. I am a huge fan of all things cotton. I started off on my period journey with cloth. Back then it was cloth that mum made for me to use on those days. It was always the softest cloth. Using cloth meant discipline, though I am a lover of routine and discipline as a teenager I desired that which I could not afford – the disposable sanitary pads. For 11 long years I used the disposable pads, initially by saving up every rupee I had or buying the very basic disposable pads available. But soon enough I read about cloth pads, advanced cloth diapers for babies and menstrual cups. I realized the irreplaceable damage that I was doing and the amount of waste being generated. I knew this had to stop.

In the year 2014 – 2015 I made the switch and since then there has been no turning back. I have begun to love my menstrual cycle, have had lesser painful periods – more so because now I do not detest rather embrace myself as a woman. I purchased 3 panty liners, 7 night pads and at least 20 day pads – I know that is a lot. Back then when I started I wanted to use cloth all through my periods, but I was not satisfied and looked for more. That is when I found out about the menstrual cups. The very next month I moved to the cup and now I am a crazy fan of the cup. Periods no longer scare me nor trouble me. I embrace it knowing fully well my worth as a woman and how this makes me unique.

Recently I had a baby and have been away from periods for 16 months. I want to write here how I have eagerly waited for my periods to return. I wanted to use the menstrual cup once again. Day 1 of the period was good with very slight leaks and I thought to myself … have I forgotten how to insert the cup already? But that was just day one, by the end of the day I found myself and there I was using it without any more leaks – Perfect from day 2! It’s been an exciting journey and am eager to get everyone I know to make the switch. To switch not only to cloth pads but also to reusable diapers. That in another post another day.

Happy switching.